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Other chatbots serve as a continuing service and last longer.

The average number of conversations/user is an index number which only delivers a descriptive observation if taken into consideration without background information about product or service.

The evaluation of the dialogue texts offer a very good insight into the situations) and give possibilities to integrate new input alternatives.

A qualitative analysis could have a great influence on the decision when the conversation should be handed over to a CRM staff member.

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Very short conversations are in reverse a sign for a high .

These texts themselves and their corresponding interaction index numbers show new and interesting possibilities for marketers.

Starting with the basic questions regarding the usage of chatbots up to the qualitative characteristics of the course of the conversation the chatbot index numbers offer a great overview about the user interactions.

Apart from their main tasks, bots can generate valuable data regarding customer insights.

As a bot replaces immediate human communication in many aspects, there is a possibility to record and analyze almost “normal” conversations with customers in form of texts.

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