Furry adult cams

After the first party the kennel club decided they loved us, so now we have a decent mix of pup boys, rubber pups, and kinksters who join us for our parties.

It’s still mostly furries, but it’s maybe the only event in MN that specifically invites other groups to furry events.

Some of our best sponsors have been Bondesque, Leather and Latte, and our favorite, the Dogs Bollox X in London.

They sent us a giant box of swag to give away at events.

Capture your video in the highest resolution possible and be sure to shoot the video HORIZONTALLY for widescreen view. Just remember: If your video is selected to be on-air, you will be required to sign a photo/video release and an appearance release.

We had DJ Caz and Dj Othenio spin, two local furry DJs.

Up until that point, any kinky or adult events were held in private homes or we would loosely organize a bar event.

Even so, events were sporadic and lightly attended, as there wasn’t even a good way for kinky furs to even connect with each other in this state.

At my current job I do club promotions and events occasionally, so I had a few contacts.

I picked a bar that most reminded me of the STUD in San Francisco (where Frolic happens every month), a bar called the Eagle Bolt here in Minneapolis.

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  1. I’d cut each section out, laminate it with scotch tape, connecting each section into a seriously long strip, I’d roll it up, and take it with me on road trips.