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If they market themselves right, and fix those tech issues, Happn is definitely here to stay. Assuming that your friend picks up, they (or whatever they have their webcam pointing at!) should now appear on your computer screen as a ‘video stream’. Your own video showing what the other person will see will appear as a small square in the bottom right corner.Once you’re finished talking to your friend or just gazing longingly into each other’s eyes, you can hang up by clicking on the red handset icon (End call). It burst on to the scene in 2013, and was quickly feted as the future of its genre – leaving old-school contenders such as OKCupid and Plenty of Fish in the dust, with its mobile focus and its sheer simplicity. In a world where online dating was dominated by lengthy questionnaires, and ridiculously detailed forms that covered everything from your favourite animals to your shoe size, Tinder brought it back down to one key factor: do I fancy this person?In general, early adopters of any service are fairly cool – people who are willing to try new things, jump when nobody else has jumped, and in some cases, people who are absolutely exhausted by the sheer repetitiveness and oversimplicity of Tinder.So, based on our own anecdotal evidence here at Lovin Dublin, they're a sound bunch.But while it might not boast the same numbers as Tinder just yet – and while no subscription numbers have been made available – from our trial this week, the 'population' of Happn users in Dublin is definitely more than enough to make it worthwhile. Happn, on the other hand, alerts you to people you've 'crossed paths' with – to within a distance of 250m.Tinder allows you to set a radius of interest, and match with anyone inside that area – up to distances so large that it's possible to match with Welsh people. Whether by walking past them, sitting in the same café as them or living in the same neighbourhood as them, this is pretty much the new kid's selling point; bringing you in touch with people you actually encounter in real life, as opposed to just providing you with an endless, open field.Just last night, the service suffered an outage for around an hour – forcing some users to delete the app and reinstall it, as failed sign-in attempts sent the app into a cycle of repeated crashes.They're attempting to scale up in a big way, and appear to be doing so, but there may be some growing pains along the way.

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