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Diesel and "The Rock" where pretty solid along with the secondary characters, and the villain was surprisingly tolerable.Another thing that solidifies the movie are the effects. The things that brought the movie down for me a little bit where some of the stunts, and weirdly some of these I found pretty amazing but although I understand this movie isn't supposed to be taken seriously there were some stunts that were just plain unbelievable, specially in the third act of the movie. While not groundbreaking it did have its interesting points but it doesn't drift away from the cheese factors.And one in seven would wait 'until they are in love' before doing the deed.

The moral of the story is, there's no one size fits all rule (which we already knew, OFC).

While this isn't a masterpiece of filmmaking it does achieve what it sets out to do. And it does this quite good and sometimes it goes further than this by showing us some amazing set pieces and action sequences. This is achieved by the gigantic production value of the film.

You can literally smell the money that comes out of these guys.

But despite residents dreading 'The Season', there is one group of people salivating at the supercars and leaping to the defence of the drivers - the Carparazzi.

Paul Wallace, who runs the You Tube channel Supercars of London, played down their bad behaviour.

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