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singer co-produced the R&B song with Stargate and co-wrote with Esmee, 21. and shows “the process of recording her song,” a source tells People of The Malloys-directed vid.A lot of the time you just see the glamorous things and you just see what's popular.

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You had all these people that supported you from the very beginning who loved what you were doing so just stay true to that and make the music that you want to make and see what happens'."Denters admitted that she found it tough because she wasn't told what was happening with her record deal but just felt "like the label didn't want to make another album"."I just felt like I was kind of being kept in the dark," she said.

There's some incredible talent out here in the UK so I think I made it really hard for myself by going on the show but I think it will be a learning experience.

I think it's important sometimes to do stuff that scares the hell out of you just to learn and grow so that's the reason why – I'm crazy!

It was kind of a test for me to see who I was going to pick.

The other coaches gave it a good fight so they did make me kind of think, but I'm happy in the end with who I chose."He's a crazy bundle of knowledge. I remembered meeting him then and just how passionate he was and how much he was giving me advice as an up and coming artist so it was so nice to see that he still remembered all of those things."Denters added that she found the upcoming battles stage "daunting", joking: "I'm a lover not a fighter, so I don't know how I'll feel about that!

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