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A report definition file includes a reference to the RDL namespace that specifies the version of the report definition schema that is used to validate the file.When you open an file in Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), if the report was created for a previous namespace, Report Designer automatically creates a backup file and upgrades the report to the current namespace.I'm not sure if the OP is using Visual Studio 2008 like one of the commenters is, as am I, but what I found is that while preview on the main report is not showing an updated sub-report, I can see the update by right clicking on the main report in the solution explorer and selecting "run".It doesn't seem to take much longer if at all to open the separate run window.This is the only way you can upgrade a report definition file.

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You can upload an file created in an earlier version of Reporting Services to the new version and it is automatically upgraded on first use.When the main report is processed, the subreport is processed for each row.In this case, consider whether you can achieve the desired effect by using data regions or nested data regions.In BIDS, in your top level report, you should have a Subreport object.That object is essentially just a pointer to another rdl in the project. What i think you're seeing is BIDS loading a stale version of the subreport.It works fine in that when I run the master report I see my subreport included.However, the problem is that if I make any changes to the subreport (and then save it), when I re-run my master report the new changes arent propagated.I do compile each report (using the compile tool on the i Report toolbar) after saving the changes.I've even gone as far as using both the empty dataset and full dataset buttons to preview the report after it is compiled.I have lost a fair amount of time in the wee hours of the morning thinking my changes were not being picked up because of this.Add subreports to a report when you want to create a main report that is a container for multiple related reports. To relate the reports through data values (for example, to have multiple reports show data for the same customer), you must design a parameterized report (for example, a report that shows the details for a specific customer) as the subreport.

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