Emma watson and tom felton dating 2016 ron perelman dating

I ­certainly haven’t had much freedom to keep my own hair colour, or lay in the sun, or do anything remotely dangerous like skiing.It was nice to go on holiday and not have to slap on the SPF50 and sit under an umbrella with three caps on.’For all the fame and wealth that Harry Potter has brought its young stars, there have been plenty of downsides, too.She also appeared as Draco's wife during the final movie's epilogue.

But there are several things Tom Felton — aka Harry’s school nemesis Draco ­Malfoy — is looking forward to.You will never get those years back and you can’t put a price on them. The idea of being famous is a lot better than the reality.It’s fantastic when you go to premieres and people cheer you, but it’s not real.Watson's confession of her earlier crush on her co-star fuelled fans' suspicion that they could have dated while filming the Warner Brothers franchise.They remained good friends even after the final film was released.Now, Enoch is anything but awkward, and lends his good looks and acting chops to ABC's How To Get Away With Murder. And of course, perhaps the most noteworthy transformation is that of Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the films. And it’s totally not my approach to get my name on a club door just because I can.’ Tom is said to have earned around £3 million for his role as a baddie in the films.But he admits even the pay cheques turned out to be, at one point, a poisoned chalice.Felton's current girlfriend, on the other hand, is a stunt assistant from the Potter set.He and Jade Olivia have been dating since 2008 and it looks like they're still very much together at present.

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