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Do your research thoroughly here, as some activities attract more men than others.Paragliding and aviation sports are male dominated – but costly, and require some degree of bravery.Dancing is also a wonderful way of working off tension, dispelling depression and keeping fit.You’ll need no tips on getting into conversation and you’ll be a wow at parties.

As written in the info, the video is from a dating service in the 80’s and they’ve made a montage of all the most undesirable men that came through to them. This is where we come in: to avoid this kind of blind dating.

We’ve done a little scouting and have a list of things that might just London Fashion Week: 16th-21st If you’re interested in seeing the next top trends, this is the first place you will see them.

The Royal Collection: Running until 3rd October If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ve got a little bit of time left!

We choose the people we believe YOU are most suited too, to avoid those blind-date blues. It’s a sad day when we start to realise that Summer is over for all the ‘Londonites’ for yet another year.

However, is it just us, or is the coming of Autumn actually a sweet celebration? ), beautiful leaves surrounding the streets and a new fashion line to die for; we’ve decided that Autumn should be the new romantic season!

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