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With the success of the sushi restaurant in Bettendorf, the Zheng was confident that she could maintain a bigger sushi place somewhere in the Quad Cities.And, so far, they seem to be doing very well considering the place was nearly full when we were there.

They didn't really tell us what it was, but we figured out that it was white tuna and cubed mango on what appeared to be a Pringles potato chip.

(see map) It took about three months for the transformation of an established family restaurant known for their comfort food into a sleek looking sushi place complete with a dance floor for a late night club scene.

It was actually sort of weird to look around the place when we first walked in, given that the outside of the building hadn't changed much - if any - from when it was Riefe's.

To us - who had been going to Riefe's for nearly 25 years - the transformation from a family restaurant to a sushi restaurant was somewhat strange and remarkable at the same time.

While there were still hints of Riefe's in the front dining room, the transformation to a sushi place just seemed out of place to us.

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