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The following brands, we believe, are five of the best gins on the market, all produced in Britain.

Hendricks is clean, fresh and floral, which makes for a refreshing G&T, perfect for a summer sundowner.The copper reacts with the alcohol and removes any impurities, producing clean, perfectly pure liquids that are silky-smooth on the tongue and are less likely to Gin is a complex drink, made by combining a neutral, flavourless spirit with an array of botanicals (predominantly juniper), which release their aromatics during the distillation process, creating signature scents and flavour variations.Selecting well-balanced botanicals is the work of careful artistry, which takes time to master.I did this myself and it showed up a pattern of feelings that stem from jealousy, even envy. Spend a few minutes every day just writing down a few things you are grateful for. Just list a few and being grateful every day for them with a bit of detail as to why. Honestly, when I did it and stuck to it I genuinely felt better about my life now. I have found them really helpful during exercise, I can do this instead of 'I can't' instantly boosts me. Hendricks prides itself on being the world’s most unusual gin, but it strikes a good balance between traditional and curious.It’s a blend of two spirits from two stills – the Bennet still (a copper-pot still) and the Carter-Head still – and after the distillation process, the liquid is infused with rose petal and cucumber (to compliment the more traditional botanicals), creating its unique flavour. Drinking a bit too much and ignoring the fact that everything was getting a bit too tight.'I wasn't doing anything about it other than beating myself up for not doing anything about it.'Gradually, over time, Wendy realised that the one thing that did work was lists and lots of them and that pouring her heart out on paper 'created a sobering reminder of what she really wanted from life.' Get ready to get it off your chest. Every negative thing you think about yourself, your situation, the things holding you back and exactly how you don't want to feel. Totally and utterly over being constantly overdrawn on my current account and just ignoring it. Give yourself a realistic timescale to achieve things in. Think about how you are going to get to where you want to be. List everything and then start working through the list. If it's a career change, spend time working out what sort of job you want to be in and then think about all the steps you need to take to make that real. It’s everything a gin should be, and an absolute pleasure to drink – rich enough for a G&T and smooth enough for a perfect Martini.Overall, it’s full of character, much like the gents behind this quintessentially British brand that has taken London by storm.

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