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Nikólaos, Lesbos 518 Islands with detailed coverage are given in bold capitals.

Where many pages are listed, those where principal content appears are given in bold.

This completely re-written new edition of Blue Guide Crete focuses on the long h ... packed with the high standard of information we expect from Blue Guides but with a modern touch" ...

read more The latest edition of this Blue Guides classic, updated by Sherry Marker, a le ...

uses: the excellent south-coast bus service plies frequently between town and Koukounariés resort, 7.5 miles (11.5km) west, until late, calling at 26 numbered stops. Taxi-boats: a waterborne service, less frequent than buses, shuttles between the old port and Tzaneriá plus Vromólimnos beaches Vehicle hire: to get elsewhere, hire a car, jeep or scooter; we've used Aegean Car Rental (00 30 24270 22430; a few times without problems.

Be aware that the remotest north-coast beaches are only accessible by jeep or dirt-bike.

The first post-antique fortress here is said to have been erected in the 6th century AD, under the Emperor Justinian: the innermost of the three successive gates on the west side is Byzantine, and it marks the northwestern limit of the Byzantine castle.

kiáthos was the first northern Sporade to be developed, back in the mid-1960s.

It’s not hard to see why, with more than 50 beaches lapped by an almost Caribbean-coloured sea, plus a lushly green backdrop inland.

Ancient names are rendered in italics, as are works of art.

INDEX TO BLUE GUIDE GREECE THE AEGEAN ISLANDS For a formatted version of the index please see /bggreeceaegean/A Abdul Hamid I, Sultan 55 Acacius, martyr 557 Acháta, Valley of, Kárpathos 327 Achíli Bay, Skyros 594 Achilles, myths concerning 590, 594 Achladiotou, Despina 345; (statue of) 343 Adámas, Milos 231 Adoldo, Nicolň 215 Aeacus 13, 22 Aegean Volcanic Arc 240, 364 Aegina 13ff; (at Battle of Salamis) 41 Aegina, nymph 13, 22 Aegospotamoi, Battle of 552, 639 Aeneas, myths concerning 539 Aeolians 214, 501, 597, 637 Aeschines, orator 259 Aeschylus 40 Aetofoliá, Tinos 97 Ag.

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