Dating someone with seasonal depression

The attendant was really rude and dismissive and told him there was no way we'd make our flight, so we should just reschedule.Wil was so full of anxiety and frustration that he just wanted to go home.

We talked about it a lot over the next few days while we were traveling, so he was looking forward to getting home and seeing the psychiatrist (and, later, to talk to a psychologist) to get to the root of the problem.Eventually, I started visiting them without him, because I missed them and missed going out after so many times of choosing to stay home with Wil instead.When Wil would get really angry at whatever inanimate thing upset him, I would ask him not to yell, partly because I didn't want him to scare our pets, but more importantly, I didn't want our kids to grow up thinking this was acceptable behavior.Studies have found that depression is more common in women than men.But we don't know whether depression is really less common in men.We were about to get married, so we wanted to talk with someone to make sure these feelings weren't a result of something in our relationship.We decided that they weren't, but the therapist was concerned that it might be depression.He also developed irrational anger toward the most random things: the computer not working right, sitting in traffic, even driving over a pothole.He would never, ever yell at me, our kids, or our pets.A: During his first visit with the psychiatrist, Wil was very surprised to hear that his symptoms were signs of depression.Neither one of us had considered depression, since we assumed depression meant deep sadness and the inability to get out of bed every day.

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