Dating mating and cheating

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Communication systems designed to accurately convey information can all be exploited for selfish purposes. Several species of butterflies fool predators into thinking that they are raptors with their wing markings mimicking raptor-like eyes; several non-toxic animals take on the coloration of toxic species; angler fish dangle a biologically sophisticated lure for passersby - as they remain hidden and ready to strike - and this is just the tip of the iceberg (see Dawkins, 1989). Given the centrality of mating to Darwin's bottom line (reproductive success), it makes sense that mating-relevant deception would typify the behavioral arsenal across the spectrum of sexually reproducing animals. Satellite male sunfish fool larger, dominant males into thinking that they are females - thus allowing the satellites to not get chased away - giving them prime real estate when a females comes to a nest of a dominant male to release her eggs.

Satellite males, who come in to blast the eggs with their sperm, have the timing of this deception down to a science.

Male preying mantises offer mates - usually small clumps of dead insects (see Dugatkin, 2003), that offer a nice, nutritional snack for the female.

But when food is rare, they'll offer deception gifts, clumps of mud that look similar to the insect clumps - sort of like a cubic zirconium instead of a diamond.

Are people better at lying in mating-relevant scenarios and, related, are people better at detecting lies in the mating domain (compared with in other life domains)?

In his work on consumer behavior from an evolutionary perspective, Gad Saad (2011) suggests that a great deal of our purchases are rooted in mate signaling – particularly for young male adults purchasing cars!In a study conducted by Saad and his team in the streets of Montreal (Saad & Vongas, 2008), males were given the assignment of driving a Porsche or a clunker – and they drove right through downtown or out toward the strip malls.Their testosterone was measured after their little joy rides.Dating itself can be incredibly confusing, much less, defining what your relationship status is.The difference between dating and being in a relationship can be subtle. You'll watch online dating morph to serve the needs of Mormons and Muslims, elderly widows and Asian wireless users. Orr takes a look at life beyond the laptop to the next dating revolutions--Wireless dating, high-tech psychological profiling and beyond. discover the happily married couples who met online... catch a right on the great online mating tour: from Iran to Hong Kong, L. to Salt Lake City as you uncover devoutly religious Iranian women searching for like-minded husbands... Guys driving the Porsche through downtown were all hopped up on testosterone and ready to go!There are few false mating signals quite like a Porsche!

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