Dating japan for muslims

If I am who and what I pretend to be, it would be great for them and for 01 Japanese Muslim woman.* I remember another principle of GOD directly, that they didn't respect a "ayah of qur'an":()Surah al-Hujurat (49) : ayah (13)[] O people, we created you from the same male and female, and rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of GOD is the most righteous. In which GOD tells that he created us of many different nations to know each other."GOD has all the knowledge"- What disappointed me is to see that people don't beleive me (I've always been sincere, clear, polite).--- I sincerely understand. What disappointed me, I think:- is not the fact that they didn't beleive me.but,- the fact that they didn't give me a chance.- In ISLAM : "Every One Has a Chance"(rich/poor, beautiful/ugly, strong/weak, black/white, Bright(very smart)/simple, setc...)Mou ichi dou: "Arigatou Gozaimashita, Minna-san". Please don't misunderstand my words :"If I am who and what I pretend to be, it would be great for them and for 01 Japanese Muslim woman."- I'm not arrogant, and- I'm not thanking myself...(- I say this, because I think that there are not so much muslims in Japan, so it maybe hard for a muslim woman to find a muslim husband...- And of course, no one knows if I will meet a Japanese muslim woman and if we will get long, fall in love etc... What I mean is:- I don't want and don't mean to hurt anyone.- My words are innocent. (for being understanding) S, It might have saved everyone's time if you had mentioned from the start that you were a man looking for a female partner. While we are a Muslim-focussed site, we welcome members from around the world, of all religions, all ethnicities, all races and all ages. Many of our members are simply interested in getting to know Muslims when they normally would not meet them.The history of Islam in Japan began in the 1920s during the October Revolution with the arrival of several hundred of Turco-Tatar Muslim refugees who fled Russia and Central Asia."The chain email is nothing but malicious falsehood," said Kumiko Yagi, a professor at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Graduate School who has written extensively about Islam and other religions.Kamada Shigeru, a professor of Islamic studies at the University of Tokyo, agreed, saying that all four of the claims we spotlighted are wrong.

"It is disturbing that such an email is circulating," she added."These claims are simply ridiculous." Other claims in the graphic are easily debunked.For instance, the graphic claims that "Japan is the only country in the world with a negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries." Yet a quick visit to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website shows that Japan has embassies in such countries as Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, plus a permanent representative to the Palestinian Authority.So you can also try contacting the men to see if they can introduce you to their Japanese wives. So you can also try contacting the men to see if they can introduce you to their Japanese wives."-- Omoshiroi dewa nai... At least they could reply and say that they can't help me. eventually meet the right person (the one loved...)-ichiban : tomodachi - ok(1st friend, get friends, friendship...)----------------------------Demo, kore wa wakarimasen.- niban: "maybe nani mo aru." ? I'm looking a muslim community, so if I could know especially someone (Women muslim) who get married with Japanese man please contact me at [email protected] gozaimasu minna-san,"Uco" Arigatou gozaimasu. Your information are useful.- "Did you tell them why you want to be introduced to Muslims? Yes, I told them.- "If you're overseas, you can try penpal sections."-- Yes, I am. If they didn't beleive me, why didn't they give me a chance by knowing me and seeing if I was sincere and serious... And the worst thing is that : It's a big shame on them, you know... Because, they didn't respect some IMPORTANT PRINCIPLES of ISLAM- Manners/behaviour/politness,to be kind, present, helpful, useful, sincere, etc...- Help another muslim, "I am a muslim", and they didn't help me... (maybe there will be something more than friendship between me and a woman ? Because I think it's very hard to live at non muslim country.In 1938 Muslims in Japan were estimated at less than 600, some Japanese also have converted to Islam through their contact with these newcomers.In 2000, Keiko Sakurai announced in his book "Japan's Muslim Society" that Japanese Muslims numbered 63,552, foreign Muslims residing in Japan were estimated at 100,000."Dave in Saitama", thank you.--- It might have saved everyone's time if you had mentioned from the start that you were a man looking for a female partner.- I needed to know all what I asked about.- All your information are very useful for me.- And, I'm not looking for a "partner".--- Why not place ads in the various penpal sites (including Japan Forum) like everyone else? Anyway: Dave, thank you for your active participation in my post. chotto advice: nihongo o benkyoushite, nihon ni itte, tomodachi o aite kudasai, eventuary u will meet suki na hito. - In penpal sections, you can't add a ad about mariage for example.- In penpal sections, your ad will not be visible as a question in a forum.- I am not "every one else"(every one has his own mind and way...)--- And you ought to note that quoting the Quran on a first date is likely to send most people running in the opposite direction.- I think, I've been clear and sincere.(I quoted the ayah of the Qur'an to show and as another proof of a principal that people at the Islamic Center of Tokyo, didn't respect).- So, I don't know what opposite sense people are going to take...- Finally, a forum is made to ask questions and answer to them to help people if possible... The graphic is a simple black-and-white block of text with the headline, "Japan keeps Islam at bay by putting restrictions on Islam and ALL Muslims." The graphic then mentions a variety of ways in which Japan supposedly keeps tight control over the Muslims in its midst: We wondered whether the graphic is accurate.To streamline our analysis, we focused mostly on these four claims -- that in Japan, "permanent residency is not given to Muslims," the "propagation of Islam" is banned, "one cannot import a Koran published in the Arabic language," and "Muslims cannot even rent a house." We heard back from three experts who have experience with the intersection of Japan and Islam, and all three said the graphic is blatantly incorrect.

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