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OPC UA is functionally equivalent to OPC Classic, yet capable of much more: Integration between OPC UA products and OPC Classic products is easily accomplished with COM/Proxy wrappers that are available in the download section.Given the wide array of available hardware platforms and operating systems, platform independence is essential.These nodes can include any kind of meta information, and are similar to the objects of object-oriented programming (OOP).A node can have attributes for read access (DA, HDA), methods that can be called (Commands), and triggered events that can be transmitted (AE, Data Access, Data Change).The code is optimized for maximum portability and minimum resource consumption.This is a binary evaluation version with limited runtime.Additionally, information can be obtained about whether a server supports a given profile.

One of the most important considerations in choosing a technology is security.

The Foundation's goal for OPC-UA was to provide a path forward from the original OPC communications model (namely the Microsoft Windows-only process exchange COM/DCOM) that would better meet the emerging needs of industrial automation.

After more than three years of specification work and another year for a prototype implementation, the first version of the Unified Architecture was released in 2006.

The transport layer puts these methods into a protocol, which means it serializes/deserializes the data and transmits it over the network. One is a binary TCP protocol, optimized for high performance and the second is Web service-oriented.

The OPC information model is a so-called Full Mesh Network based on nodes.

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