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According to a source, it was no casual hand-holding, either."They have been friends for a while and started dating recently," the insider confirmed.Should you try and hold a girl’s hand and she pulls away, don’t take it the wrong way. It’s quite possible she’s just not a hand-holder, or it could be she isn’t as affectionate as most other women — either that or she isn’t ready to take that next step.Normally, in this instance, she will humor you and hold your hand for a few moments before abruptly removing her hand from yours, cleverly scratching her nose or fixing her hair.Give it a couple of weeks and then reach for that hand again.

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Don’t psych yourself out by overthinking this very basic expression of fondness.

Whatever the situation, listen to that voice in your head that says “C’mon, man, what are you afraid of?

Take that foxy lady by the hand and squeeze it tight!

This is her effort to spare your feelings while keeping her cool and maintaining her autonomy.

No matter the reason, take this as a hint and don’t try it again for a while.

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