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Postcard collecting is interesting because there are so many different types of collectors, because there are many different types of cards available.Postcards from the 1800s are desireable, and people collect from different eras. Numbering: 22119 More information on our Columbus Monument Pages B-0171 Cuba - Havana (Cathedral) Inscriptions: (r) TABLET AT COLUMBUS CATHEDRAL COLUMBUS CATHEDRAL AND MORRO CASTLE, HAVANA, CUBA (v) Columbus Cathedral, where Christopher Columbus was buried and Morro Castle built by the early military rulers of Cuba for defense against attacking pirates or enemy vessels, are two of the most interesting historical relics in Havana.The same Government, upon cessation of its sovereignty over this Republic, removed them on the 26th of September, 1898, to the Catherdral of Seville. More information on our Columbus Monument Pages B-0168 Cuba - Havana (Patio del Ayuntamiento) Inscriptions: (r) HABANA: PATIO DEL AYUNTAMIENTO, ESTATUA DE COLON HAVANA: CITY HALL COURT, COLUMBUS STATUE Publisher: C. The first Mass after the Landing of Columbus was said here under the Ceiba Tree. by Roberts & Co., Havana, Cuba Numbering: 21747 More information on our Columbus Monument Pages B-0174 Cuba - Havana (Templete) Inscriptions: (r) HABANA, El Templete. 40 Date: sent 1914 Stamp: US 1ct Notes: : Sent from Miami ('just returning from a trip to Havana') to Marshfield Hills, Mass.

Two men can be seen standing on the right bottom of the picture. This postcard is part of the collection entitled: Texas History Collection and was provided by Tyrrell Historical Library to The Portal to Texas History, a digital repository hosted by the UNT Libraries.More information on our Columbus Monument Pages B-0175 Cuba - Havana (Templete) Inscriptions: (r) Columbus Memorial Chapel, HABANA Publisher: Published by Harris Bros.Co., Habana, Cuba Numbering: 1019 More information on our Columbus Monument Pages B-0177 Cuba - Havana (Templete) Inscriptions: (r) Habana 74.Plaza de Armas y Templete - Ferdinand VII statue & Columbus chapel. Notes: : Sent to Conflans-Jarny, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France More information on our Columbus Monument Pages B-0415 Cuba - Havana (Templete) Inscriptions: (r) HABANA:-EL TEMPLETE HAVANA: COLOMBUS MEMORIAL CHAPEL. Jordi, Obispo 526, Havana, Cuba Numbering: OB-H1118 Notes: : Unused.Postcards come in many different styles, depending on the copyright era and the manufacturer of the postcard.The styles range from the late 1800s and early 1900s when postcards were addressed on the backs only and your message was written on the front, usually on the bottom edge or the right or left hand side in a small space.The backs on these types of cards were solid backs with no dividers and were for the address only.Greetings from Milwaukee."This image is issued by the Wisconsin Historical Society.Use of the image requires written permission from the staff of the Division of Library-Archives.The next type was the split back postcards that came out in the 1910s.These postcards has a line running vertically down the middle of the backs with one side for the address and one side for the message.

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