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Rochdale phone numbers of interest: Rochdale Borough Council - 01706 647474 Rochdale Online - 01706 523583 Rochdale Infirmary - 01706 377777 How long will it take to get a virtual local number set up?It can take up to 5 days to get a number live but we do carry stock of numbers.The main STD codes in the UK such as 0207, 0208, 0121 and so on could be quicker.London virtual numbers are set up on the same day as we have access to numbers immediately. There is a one off set up fee which is £15 per number, a monthly rental which is £5 per number and a pence per minute for the calls received.An example of a complete 7-character Product Code for the canned clam chowder follows, including definitions of its component parts: Product Code: 16WEE14 a one-character string that represents the packaging method.Although called the subclass, this portion of the code has no relation to the Product's Class.Each Product Industry has an associated set of Subclasses.General Age Guidelines If the serial number is on a metal deck plate near the splash rail; there is no storage compartment at the aft end of cockpit; and the boat has (or had) the "old style" rudder hardware (where the rudder attaches via 2 bronze fittings): the boat is pre-1971.

It can be deciphered to give you the manufacturer and model year. Straight Year Format AMF 59483 07 79 Manufacturer: AMF Alcort Hull Number: 59483 Month: 07 Year: 79 Model Year Format AMF 59483 M 84 G Manufacturer: AMF Alcort Hull Number: 59483 M = Model Year Format Model Year: 84 Month of Production: G (Feb) Production Month Letter Codes: A = August; B=September; C=October; D=December; F=January; G=February; H=March; I=April; J=May; K=June; L=July "New Format" In 1984 an updated format known as the "NEW FORMAT" replaced STRAIGHT YEAR and MODEL YEAR formats. Hull Number: 99999 Production Month: B (February) See Below Year of Production: 7 Model Year: 87 Production Month Letter Codes: A= January; B=February; C=March; D=April; E=May; F=June; G=July; H=August; I=September; J=October; K=November; L=December Attached is a full timeline of the Sunfish History.

No, virtual phone numbers can not be turned into traditional phone lines. We can order memorable phone numbers for you but the cost will increase to a set up fee of £99. Please call us to ask about our memorable local numbers. We consider any order over 10 virtual numbers a volume order.

I don’t have a BT landline can I point my virtual number to a cable line? Please call us to ask us about our discounts if you want to purchase 10 or more virtual numbers.

It can take up to 4 days to have your number live, however it often happen a lot sooner.

Please take heed of this when looking to advertise your number.

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