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That is still the priority, but separating the two groups completely isn’t the way to accomplish that.Ironically, that total separation of friend stuff from publisher stuff is the premise of Snapchat’s redesign, the same redesign that people are freaking out about. It’ll be worth watching to see if Snapchat decides the same.— but the company has also admitted that it wasn’t handled very well.“We should have been more transparent and up front about [the test] ahead of it,” said Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of news partnerships, onstage with Mosseri at Code Media."We also target interests, which means there's more potential for a long-term relationship than with a site that's purely based on looks, such as Tinder." James hopes his firm will be adding "2,000 new users a month" by the end of the year.Facebook's guidelines prevent dating sites from using the paid advertising slots to promote themselves, but individuals looking for love are free to advertise, claims James.Dating coworkers has always been a contentious issue in business and it’s come front and center in the debate around #Me Too.

"These ads have the potential to go viral," says James.“[Publishers] totally freaked out, rightly so, because they didn’t understand what we were doing or trying to get at.” The sentiment was echoed in Thursday’s blog post from Mosseri.“We also received feedback that we made it harder for people in the test countries to access important information, and that we didn’t communicate the test clearly,” he wrote.The test removed content from publishers and businesses from the News Feed and put it inside a separate “Explore” feed, creating a digital divide between your friends and brands.Publishers in those countries that rely on Facebook for traffic freaked out when users no longer saw publisher posts interspersed with stuff from their friends.James, who has just graduated from university, had the idea for the business when a friend complained that he couldn't meet women through existing dating apps and online services."Marco couldn't work out why people weren't responding so we decided to help him out," he explains.“We’re acting on this feedback by updating the way we evaluate where to test new products, and how we communicate about them.” Facebook routinely makes changes to its News Feed to show users more (or less) of specific types of content, like live video.Its most recent News Feed update had a similar purpose to the now-defunct test: The change was made to show people more stuff from their friends and family, and less from brands and publishers.No one wants to be constantly pursued romantically when they’re just there to do their job and it’s not okay to make someone feel uncomfortable in their own place of business.Facebook also said that their employees don’t need to disclose intra-office dating, even if the two parties are of different levels in the company as long as there is no conflict of interest.

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