Dating ab 50

I'm relating from personal experience (check out the detours in the 18-29 get together thread. Even though this thread will become convoluted with crap, stick with it, and have a great time at your event. A HELPFUL HINT: Next time, try not to be as negative and abrasive, you'll attract less unwanted commentary with that approach. NEVER ASK FOR GENERALIZED OPINIONS, cause you'll get all sorts of commentary.

Or better yet, ignore them, and eventually they'll lose interest and leave. Although, even if you avoid inflamatory statements, there are POFers that will twist the purist and simplest of postings to suit their own agenda, so they have something to b! Nevertheless, it will be an uphill battle to start off, but eventually they'll just leave your thread alone and you can continue with the planning. Is anyone tired of listening to 30 to 40 year olds complain about there lives.

f 50 - Emmanuella11 f 53 - Trixie53 f 58 - Kianna59 f 59 - Jeffgordo...It seems as though they are on the prowl for a fight. tch about (perhaps as being age restrictive....hmmmm... Let's open a thread for our genration, how about a get to gether for over 50 people something more to our speed than in a bar for a change ,let's put our heads together and work on this. Oliver, Sunny and the OP..know, it really is entirely possible to go out, have fun, do things with whatever age group you want to do things with WITHOUT being rude, obnoxious, ignorant and insulting to others.....really it is.Instead of complaining about people who are not the same age as you, simply go ahead and make plans for specific age group activities..get what you're looking for and you don't insult half the people in this forum in the process.One thing you might want to consider: your posts are offending some people and it will probably be harder to attract people in the age bracket you're aiming for by being abrasive. A social club for people over 50, is DEFINITELY much needed, and in demand in this city. Just because we are over 50, does not mean that we are over the hill, it just means that WE get lonely too, and have learned to respect, and find good in everyone, regardless of age, but yes, there is definitely a great need for a Social Gathering (other than Seniors Centers) for over 50's. 8(*just to the wolrd forums*;)*petite female Leos who work in construction, have long brunette hair, have 5" tongues, an attitude and live in an Alberta city that's relatively close to me ARE HHHAAWWWWTTT!!!! Not too familiar with the usage of the word "Hawt".Most people let subjectivity influence their thoughts, ignoring obvious meaning and temperment. not only was she given suggestions, she was told HOW to go about planning and posting an event or gathering....." AYE AYE SKIPPER, next time I'll willingly do things your way in a PUBLIC forum So...As for the "princess" comment, you can keep your personal insults and shove them up your a$$! Anyways, as I recall you were one of the many that found fault with my altruistic post, as well as being so bold as to tell me that my method of gaining ideas in a PUBLIC forum was WRONG ". from an OBJECTIVE standpoint, you bashed (oh, voiced displeasure ) about my idea, bluntly told me my way was wrong in a public medium, offered an off topic opinion that convoluted the thread with crap, insulted me for starting new threads to remove the crap when they got deleted, but then ironically mentioned that a new thread should be made cause of the crap in that one, that...oh oh, YOU and a few others put in there.m 59 - Yogi123 f 58 - Kate_in_TO f 57 - Jazzsirs1960 f 45 - Moon34 f 56 - Cindylee m 73 - joseph95 f 62 - Kulsavta1 f 58 - RKEHP60 f 56 - lovingkin... For a start, they are road tested - They know how to please a man, or they'd never have been proposed to.Stacysmom: Yes, it's possible for people of any age to have a good time, as WE most certainly did, despite your "why don't you just go ahead and make a thread about a gathering ??? And I'm the rude, obnoxious, ignorant and insulting one?Nothing is ever going to happen with the crap in this thread" comment. If you re-read the thread you'll see that that's pretty much what I wrote prior, and why I reposted, for which you mocked me, "it would not get deleted, as her alst two threads did", but then it's a perfectly reasonable thought when it's your idea. Perhaps you should get off your sanctimonious pedastool, meet up with SQO who can read a few definitions to you.

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