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Could it be that a previous owner 'improved' a Bailey version to be a Bedrock version by cutting down the curved sides? Granted, this is a woodworking tool, but considering some of the past plane discussions, I would have thought this would have gotten at least some response.

I'm going to guess 1950 or so, it's far from scrap, requires a grind if you have a surface grinder but a good big belt sander will fix it, the blade can be resharpened, parts are available.

smt, who had been pushing a type 6 No 8 all week in MD.The main casting does not have anything other than 'No 8' cast in. The blade has 'Stanley', something illegible, and hard to say... Type 7 feature, but maybe this is also on earlier ones? My current thoughts is that it can't be a Type 5, 1885 to 1888, unless the blade was switched.The lateral adjuster has two dates stamped in, along with 'Stanley'. The brass adjusting nut is just under 1" and is left hand threaded. Type 6 due to left hand thread and no words on the adjuster? Couple more pieces of information: Overall length is 23 11/16" Lateral adjuster is two piece version The sides have flat tops, which would imply a Bedrock version, but there is no adjuster screw to move the frog forward. Or did very early Bedrock planes not have the adjustment screw for moving the frog forward? And I will say, that I was expecting at least a 'you bought a rusty piece of crap that at one time long ago a valuable tool, but is now a door stop', or perhaps 'it's a shame that it got left outside'.However, before it went out the door, it was finished with a later frog and new-fangled lateral lever by the time it was sent off to retail.Almost all of Stanley's production up well into the 20th C was on the subcontractor basis (piece rate).It's not going to affect the usability of the plane at all, though. I have used up 1, and almost through the second, in a number 6 bought new by me in the late 70's.Looking at the bed, the single, centralized "8" (not "No 8") suggests a pre-type 6 though the larger planes perhaps did not hew to this model exactly.However, early bedrocks (before 1911) had rounded top sides much like/looked like the regular bench planes.So, most likely a late type 4 casting that left the factory after the first lateral became available.The patina is as found, but it isn't as bad as it looks.Once I got the yellow jackets out of it, along with some of the rust and sand it will be usable. Going through some of the other sites, things are a bit cloudy as to the dates, but there seems to be a bit of phasing things in and out sometimes. Lever cap has an 'S' cast in the back of it, and a symmetric keyhole.

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