Dating a prehistoric find

To say that there was an earlier race of hominids living and dying before Adam's creation attacks the redemptive work of the Second Adam.This is because Scripture ties the first and the Second Adams together.Our work is to help rediscover this heritage.” Early European visitors to the Escalante area remarked on the potatoes.

Yet she has been depicted in some popular modern science magazines as being similar in height to a modern woman.

Lucy is "reconstructed" from bones found at two different sites in the Hadar/Afar region of Africa. The sites, from which one "individual" has been built, are not even at the same geological level!

Even evolutionists noted in their comments that the bones at site 333 are much like modern humans while the bones from site 162 are not.

The Bible says that God created man in His own image. Did this kind of person roam the Earth before God created Adam and Eve?

The idea that there were "prehistoric men" before Adam and Eve comes from those who do not understand the nature of the evidence.

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  1. The results pegged the fossil monkey, about the size of a small cat, to around 1.3 million years old.“The presence of endemic New World monkeys on islands in the Caribbean is one of the great questions of biogeography, and now knowing the age of these fossils changes our understanding of primate evolution in this region,” she said.