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That's how I see it so why should I involve myself?I was brought up in the church so I believe in the Bible and I believe in God," said Bolt who went on to admit that he doesn't want to stray too far from the Bible.His answers to the frank question posed by Boyne showed that though he is a party man, he has strong morals.The track king expressed categorically that dating married women is a line he never intends to cross."Not even for a fling, I am not that type of person...I am a highly educated Jamaican ftom the day I was a kid I have a small library with mostly african books ,most europe N explorer discribe somali peopleone of the worst distructive people they ever seen ,the europe N call the nilo hamatic people they are risponsible for stripping africa of people in east afric N and sell them to arabs in saudi arabia unitrd arab emerates they converted t islam and that what them worst,right now people are starving to death because there is no food to eat ,tbey are a pain in the butt in east africa som Lia is a country where nobody want to plant the corn but evrybody want to raid the barn,they can plant food 12 months if the year they have no winter,but tbey never have enought to eat, Jamaica never have famine,there is so much food in jamaica they dump it by the ton and stay there to spoil.somali people when you become muslem thats where you go wrong becsuse thay religion only promote hate death and distruction,since the late 80s somalia have been fighting each other,killing chopping off people head ,raping and stoning women,evrybody they live near they become a pain in the but,but you can,t test jamaican people.

3 somalian men was seen in mogogesheu selling 300 people of there own tribe include there own mother,sisters,brothers ,nices and nephnews to arabs in exchannge for 3 suits of whool suits that they find in dumpsters in mecca saudi arabia .that,s a diagrace.

Bolt who was Sunday's guest on Profile, told veteran Jamaican journalist Ian Boyne that there is indeed "a special person" in his life, a 26-year-old he has been dating for over two years now.

"She is from Old Harbour actually," Bolt told Boyne.

Oh, he can cover 100 meters in 9.81 seconds, but could Usain Bolt solve a Rubiks's Cude in the same amount of time?

Reminding the public that some skills have yet to be included in the Olympic Games, one You Tuber decided to share footage of himself competing against Usain… While the Jamaican runner competed for an Olympic gold in the 100-metre, Anthony Brooks crouched in front of his television screen and frantically completed the head-melting puzzle in the same amount of time.

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