Dating a cancer sign man

So even if a certain member of the family is positively awful, try to get along. That sounds a little scary, but being a Cancer person myself, I’m going to tell you how your Cancer will change as the Moon travels through all of the zodiac signs.They aren’t monumental changes, and with a good Moon sign book or calendar, you will notice the trends and be able to predict how your Cancer will change according to the sign the Moon is in.Compliment him in an honest way and don’t be phony (he’ll pick that up in a second).Allow yourself to be vulnerable so that you can allow him in.Generally speaking, Cancer men are patient, sociable (except for when they need some time alone), and lovable.Cancer people all hide behind a reserved facade when you first meet, but once you get to know him better, you will find a deeply considerate, thoughtful, and sensible person.The symbol for Cancer is the crab, and that tender hearted guy surrounds himself with that shell to protect himself from emotional hurts.You know that saying, “Once bitten, twice shy.”If you feel him beginning to withdraw from you, get whatever it is out into the open and talk it out right away. Since they don’t come on strong, that can be misinterpreted.

They are also caring, listen when you talk, and are very trustworthy.By: Jean Bakula Looking for information about dating a Cancer man?Do you want to find out about dating a Cancer man because a certain hottie has caught your attention?They need security, and even in their personal lives are very good at dealing with money.But they also have a very creative side, so make good writers, painters, actors, designers, musicians, and gardeners or florists. So since they love to cook and love real estate, owning a restaurant would be a dream come true.Dating a Gemini Guy Cancer people are very close to their families, especially their Mothers.Cancer is the sign of Motherhood, so this is probably why they are so nurturing to their families, lovers and friends. They are usually the “grownups” in the family, and will take care of aging relatives or help any member who really needs it; good friends are considered family too.So if you are thinking of connecting with one of these guys, you are making a super smart decision!FYI: The cancer male traits and characteristics listed here are universal, regardless of sexual orientation.Cancer men add a spiritual aspect to sex that practically turns it into a religious experience.He’s very romantic, once you get him to open up and feel secure with you.

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