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So, if you are single in the city make the most of the excitement of the unknown. And when you are over the uncomfortable underwear and ready to get serious in your quest for true love, head out to the country.

A drive off the beaten track will have the same amount of excitement as going to that art gallery opening. Luna Blue is an author of contemporary women's fiction.

Country dating can be made easier when you join a community of like-minded men and women.

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Ok, it’s more like a quick meal standing at the kitchen bench followed by an argument because your supposed soul mate is sick of Buffy. But when you are single, every moment could be the moment you meet the love of your life and that is exciting.

But if you live in the country there are a lot more single men than single women so the odds are with you.

These single men are most likely farmers living out an isolated existence and finding them is hard unless they are on Farmer Wants a Wife. Sometimes I miss the adventures and the possibilities single life can bring.

She is also a dating advice columnist and has been a feature writer for leading Australian magazines and publications.

She has a background in journalism and is passionate about equal rights for women.

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