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3) If "yes" to #2 - what's a decent cost estimate for that? 4) Could any of this be made easier or less expensive by replacing the heating unit with a forced-air furnace and installing ductwork, rather than replacing it with another hot-water boiler? What you think may be just plumbing will snowball into many different things once you start to open up things. Most foreclosures are advertised "as is", "no contingencies accepted", "buyer is responsible for all repairs", etc.

If yes, any additional hints you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Yes, there are cases when building an equivalent house in a different location for less. Tearing the current house down cost money, it could be quite a bit. This is probably a good advice ^^^ However, the devil is in details. Is it in a particularly good location that makes the whole hustle worthwile? Old boiler means you need to install ducts when you go to a forced air system, which will accommodate heat and air conditioning.

I'm planning on a bath tub, shower, toilet and double sink.

I'm assuming its easier and better to cap off the old galvanized pipes than to try to tap into the old stuff.Finally, there are two types of plumbing pipes that should be replaced regardless of their age or condition: lead pipes and polybutylene pipes.Lead, as you probably know, poses serious health risks, especially for young children, while polybutylene has a history of premature failure.When a leak is found in one pipe, it's often (but not always) a sign that the entire plumbing system is starting to show its age.Again, you should schedule an appointment with a plumber to be on the safe side.I'm looking at a house that is said to have had major plumbing damage from burst pipes in the winter.It has a "boiler" instead of a furnace, and the pipes burst when the home was abandoned and not winterized.New pipe technology, furthermore, means that you don't have to spring for costly copper piping.If you live in a home that's 50 to 100 years old, the pipes could be nearing the end of their service life.) 2) I've been told that asbestos is fine as long as you don't disturb it. I have an old falling down outhouse that whenever I stop to look at I go "HOLY CRAP!! Before pulling any trigger, make any offer contingent upon solid estimates for the repairs being within a certain dollar figure range. OP rent the movie 'The Money Pit' and you'll see what you're in for. Could the old pipes be left alone, and new pipes installed either alongside or near the old pipes, so that the heating and plumbing would be operational again? If the seller won't go along, imitate Nancy Sinatra. I'm not betting that any bank would accept such contingencies. Absent some other need (and concomitant price) to justify stripping walls to the studs... and then because you went that far being required to redo the electrical as well...

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