Christina applegate actress dating violence

But, music helped him overcome his memories and scars.

Instead of finding solace at home, he was physically beaten and abused there by his father.

He became violent and suicidal, until he decided to distance himself from his father by changing name, and gradually, things started turning for him in his late twenties when he confronted his unremorseful father, whom he forgave.

Born as Brian Hugh Warner, the Goth-rock singer was subjected to inappropriate sexual exposure early in his childhood, when he used to venture into his grandfather’s sex den in the basement where the piles of women’s underwear and obscene pornographic magazines on bestiality, sadomasochism, etc. He then started facing repeated sexual assaults by a neighbour for a very long time.

But, he channelled his demons through creativity and music as a part of the band, Rolling Stone.

A two-year old Axl, who was then called William Bruce Rose Jr., was abducted by his father right after the separation of William’s parents.

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