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“My favorite red wine is Chateauneuf-du-Pape (from the southern Rhone Valley).

“Bordeaux and Burgundy are for special occasions.”One might think that with a list of 613 wines Chez Philippe possesses a deep and spacious cellar for storing thousands of bottles of wine, but that’s not the case.“Oh, no,” said Mc Cracken. For wines we sell by the glass, we go through a case or two a week.The directors said they had taken into account the fact that Paramount, Mr Naggar’s quoted bidding vehicle, already…Editor’s Note: A new occasional series about people who make and manage wine lists for restaurants Wine lists are fascinating documents.If that happens during an evening, when someone orders, I suggest a similar wine at a similar price.I’m not into persuading people to ‘trade up’ to a more expensive wine.”In fact, Mc Cracken’s policy of educating the restaurant’s patrons is one of gentle persuasion, which fits into her philosophy of service: “Give the guests what they want before they know they want it,” she said.However, the company said yesterday that he had been unable to make a firm offer “within the timescale available”.As a result, the independent directors have reluctantly been forced to recommend that shareholders accept the cash alternative by the deadline of April 10.Try one of these to get you started: Name Search Watch Service'Krista Mc Cracken, manager and sommelier at Chez Philippe, the flagship restaurant at The Peabody hotel.“There’s too much diversity in the world of wines to let that happen and too many wines I don’t want to miss out on.”Mc Cracken has been at Chez Philippe since November.Of the other wines on the list, we keep six or seven bottles, except for the Bordeaux” – say, Chateau Petite-Village 2000 (3) or Chateau Cos d’Estournel 1990 (5) – “and that’s two or three bottles.”And if a wine is so popular one night that the supply is depleted?“Right now I’m out of three wines,” Mc Cracken said, “because we sold them all, but two of them I can get from Capriccio (another restaurant in the hotel) and the other I’ll order from the vendor.

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