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  1. Luckily, that’s not all you can do with a free membership as you can use the ‘search’ function to find other members who have piqued your interest, take the ‘Temperament’ test, which analyzes your emotions and feelings in the hopes that your results will fall in line with a number of other users of the opposite sex.

  2. “If, however, online dating apps or services assisting people in leading them to find another person to share the love of God with in the uniqueness of a dating relationship or marriage, it can be (morally) good.” Mary Beth Bonacci, a Catholic speaker and author on John Paul II's Theology of the Body, said what's concerning about Tinder when compared to online dating sites such as Catholic Match is the rapidity with which people can be turned into objects.

  3. Evil visited State College, Pa., and East Lansing, Mich., and evil made itself comfortable, hiding behind adults who didn’t understand what was happening, which seems reasonable, but then couldn’t be bothered to find out – which seems unforgivable. Evil Jerry Sandusky’s reign of terror lasted nine years after his boss – good ol’ Joe Pa, beloved Joe Paterno, may he not rest in peace – was made aware of the evil in 2002 in his football facility and made this decision: And with that as the backdrop to the evil that was unfolding at Michigan State – evil that still might be happening to this day, if it weren’t for the work of Indy Star reporters Tim Evans, Marisa Kwiatkowski and Mark Alesia – evil Dr.