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And if you're a pushover, someone who just likes the things your friends aggressively suggest that you like, then Canoodle may get a more accurate picture of your friends than of you.The site does ask users to fill out a more traditional written profile as well, perhaps to get around these issues. You know, its always some how boring if you stay at home alone some times without talking to someone or chatting with someone, here you are giving an opportunity to chat with someone online just to keep your self busy.And you can get to the mode of dating someone cause that is what it was made for anyway, that why can has it to help teens to get ride of home bored.This free online dating service provides a smart way to find new interests and connect with new friends.It’s an inspiring place that helps like-minded people socialise through chatrooms or simply date on the web. Meet local people online, meet someone who shares the same hobbies!But if you agree with the latter statement that similars attract, then you might be interested in Canoodle, which is the newest dating site on the block that hooks people up based on their Facebook likes.The goal is to ease the pressure of coming up with a really good profile on users by making matches based on the things they’ve already ‘liked’ on Facebook instead.

But if it's an integral part of what they're doing, it all stitches together nicely." It's not clear if using "likes" will be what stitches Facebook and dating together, but whoever does that successfully stands to make a lot of money.

None of these has yet achieved the dominance of Ok Cupid or Match.

But using a giant existing social network rather than making daters create new profiles continues to make intuitive sense.

Wood notes that searching for people who share your interests isn't especially easy on Facebook, and says Canoodle solves that problem, helping users meet like-minded dates or just potential friends.

Of course, not everyone's Facebook likes accurately describe their personality — if you're an indiscriminate liker, or a parsimonious one, Canoodle may not be for you.

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