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Many of the people on this site are exhibitionists who are free to display themselves to total strangers. Some of them showed their faces - others angled the computer in such a way as to mask their identities and, all too often, to reveal their genitals.

At least one out of every five of the strangers I was connected to was a man with the camera pointed directly at his private parts.

The ability to parachute into the lives of strangers is simultaneously addictive and repellent.

Just like pornography, it leaves the user feeling dirty and ashamed.

Setting up the video and audio channels Camtwist can be found here and Soundflower here. Soundflower should populate up on your global toolbar as a small flower icon like so. Go over to camtwist and under the step 1 heading, click on Movie to select it (1) then press the select button(2).

Find the movie that you want to broadcast in your finder and drag it into your playlist(3).

Another told me in graphic terms what he would like me to do to him.

Apart from a sweet but banal conversation with a Spanish student who wanted to improve his English, and a courteous Turkish architect, most of the encounters I experienced left me feeling that I had become the unwitting participant in a porn film.

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If you don’t see the Cam Twist Icon appear on your cam window, try restarting the browser and configuring the chatroulette Cam and Mic options again.

It's entirely free and once you've clicked a button to allow the site to access your webcam, your face appears in one of two boxes.

In fact, it's so disturbingly easy that even primary school children, with basic computer skills, could access it.

And the button which allows you to report unseemly behaviour is all very well, but the perpetrator's punishment is a tame warning and 40 minutes suspension from the site. During my time on Chatroulette, the users I encountered were men and women from Germany, Holland, Turkey, Spain, America and Britain. If you don't like the look of the person you have been connected to, you click a button marked 'Next' and somebody else instantly pops up at random.

They can be any age, any sex and hail from Manchester to Moscow - although the site's lingua franca is English.

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