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Freedom means that people are able to make free choices, without feeling like they're forced into it, too scared to consider alternatives, etc. Continuing on, a "boundary" is defined as the line which tells you "what is your emotional or personal property, and what belongs to someone else." I've heard this term before- but only within the past few years, in the context of relationship advice from a feminist perspective.(Hmm, sort of the opposite of what I learned in church- "you HAVE TO read the bible every day, and you HAVE TO go to church every Sunday, or else you're a bad Christian and you should feel guilty about it.") Responsibility means you do what you've committed to in the relationship, and you say no to things that aren't your responsibility. (Purity culture's use of the term "boundaries" doesn't count, because it just means "God said you can't have sex- yeah nothing about this is your choice at all.") As I understand it, the idea behind "boundaries" is that there will always be some jerks out there- you can't change them, but you set rules about the extent to which they will be allowed in your life.It's about setting rules on the way people treat you, and what kinds of behavior you will or will not tolerate.I don't know about the rest of y'all who grew up in American evangelicalism, but this sounds like "moral relativism" to me.It doesn't address purity culture's ideology at all, and a purity-culture reader would be baffled at how a CHRISTIAN book could talk about dating without talking about the risk of becoming impure, permanently damaged, losing parts of your heart.

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Someone stands in the pulpit and says "you should consider others' needs before your own" and they hear "you should consider others' needs before your own.Responsible people shoulder their part of the dating relationship, but they don't tolerate harmful or inappropriate behavior.In other words, freedom and responsibility are key factors in a healthy relationship.Within reason, obviously." And then they tell me I'm the one who misunderstood, I was supposed to that.After a lifetime of hearing sermon illustrations about people doing ridiculous things that make no sense because God told them, and look at what a great example of faith they are. So far, the book "Boundaries in Dating" seems to be incredibly good and healthy.Well, turns out it would also be incomprehensible to a Christian who had always been told that they need to put others before themselves, that taking action to care for their own emotional health is "selfish".Because I don't see anything here along the lines of "many Christians believe that it's wrong to set boundaries to protect themselves and say no to people who treat them badly, because they've been taught that they need to 'consider others better than themselves.' Here, let's explain why we disagree with that." It's all just about the benefits of having boundaries, and the potential harm if you don't have them- all of which is so practical and healthy I'm honestly shocked to read it in a Christian book, you guys- but nothing for readers who may believe that as Christians, they're not even allowed to care about consequences for themselves when Y'all.And how we can't trust our own minds, we have to obey God instead, even when God's commands seem unreasonable. But unfortunately, all that useful advice is inaccessible to good evangelicals.And how the world won't understand our devotion to God because we're so "crazy for Jesus." You want to know why I believed common sense was the enemy of Christianity? ------------------ After I finished writing this, I did a google search for "boundaries false teaching" and found a couple results about the exact thing I'm talking about here- how Christians are supposed to believe boundaries are heresy.So I'm perplexed at how it could be possible that the "Boundaries" books are very much regarded as Christian books, I've heard them highly recommended by church people, and I haven't heard of anyone who says "Henry Cloud is a false teacher! Cloud speak at a Women of Faith conference years ago.Everyone there had great things to say about his books.

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