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The last bus took us to the end of the road where or Home was situated.

Ines was to be our host and she had worked a night shift the night before yet still allowed us to check in early. We dumped our stuff then proceeded to quietly leave and head to the beach. Oporto was a Portuguese restaurant much akin to Nando’s. The beach was lovely and we sat there for a couple of hours soaking up the sun, until the clouds came, whilst watching the planes take off and land across the bay.

Thankfully, there were two mattresses outside our bathroom which were perfect. To get them up the winding staircase and out a hobbit-sized door onto the roof. As you can see, the winding staircase wasn’t the widest of places to climb up.

I think I had like two inches spare as I wiggles my way up to try and get the mattresses up there with Nathan pushing from the bottom.

Whether it is launching a mass ocean rescue effort, preparing for a racial riot or even playing Santa Claus on Christmas, these lifeguards have a “work hard, play hard” attitude that makes a visit to Bondi a once in a lifetime experience.

Filled with life-and-death rescues, shark sightings, and a few humorous encounters with some over zealous party-goers, each episode delivers a shot of drama and heart-pumping adrenaline.

Sunday came round and we were up and out back to the bus stop in order to catch the bus and trains over to Birchgrove, where we would be for the next two weeks.Eventually we arrived at the last stop and had a ten minute walk to our home on Louisa Road, another Airbnb.We checked in early, wiped down the kitchen, unpacked fully, and headed out to locate the nearest Woolworths to get some food and drink.Bondi lifeguard known for starring on Network Ten's Logie Award-winning series Bondi Rescue.He moved to Sydney, Australia straight out of school in 2013 to become a Bondi lifeguard.The clouds began to roll in and we started to walk back to the bus stop to get a bus, train, bus back to Birchgrove.Dinner consisted of dominos pizza delivered fresh to our door then it was an early night as the newbie travellers were still weary from a 27 hour flight…. Ten years ago, Bondi's lifeguards burst onto our screens, saving lives and bringing their larrikin personalities to the world.Australia has watched these men grow up on their television screens and has been along for some of their biggest milestones, from their first day on the job, to birthdays, marriage proposals, weddings and babies.Bus, train, bus, lugging our cases off and on each one.It was blisteringly hot and I was sweating in places I never knew I could sweat from!

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