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“One date.” Nick said with a smile has he tried to use his long sleeve, to whip away his tears. Nick let him for a second before pushing him away, “No, that does mean kissing, Philip.” Nick started to laugh has, Philip tried to kiss again but Nick kept him away, gentle holding him off.Philip’s eyes widen, “It is not bad, I like it but I do not think I could eat it every day.” Philip said ending with his grin, and he hear a little laugh come from Nick. “Oh, I am sorry, it is fine.” Lip looked at his watch, “I have to get to work anyway.” “Can we do this again? Nick looked up at him, with hope in his eyes “Yes, we can do it again after class on Wednesday.” Nick smile almost blinded him.Lip could not help but watch Nick, it has been a while since he caused someone to laugh. When they finished, Nick pulled out this notebook and started to write something in it. ***Remember the rules*** So every time after history class, Lip and Nick would get lunch, then sit together eating lunch and talking.“Hey Lip,” Amanda said stopping in front of Lip, and leaning down to kiss him. ” Nick eyes were widen, scared and something else was there. Lip had never gotten around to telling Nick about the thing he had with Amanda. Nick this is Amanda, My.” “Girlfriend,” Amanda helped Lip. I will see you around Lip” Nick said has he got his backpack and got up and started to walk away.Being called Lip, hurt so very much, when it came from Nick. ” Nick was not looking at him, it took a week to get Nick to look at him, straight in the eyes during their lunches together.Lip noticed that Nick’s hands are really soft, softer then Karen’s was. When the teacher started to speak, Nick’s attention was stolen from him, and given to the teacher. “That sounds interesting, I am undecided right now. Lip got a chicken sandwich, well Nick got hummus sandwich, with lettuce, tomato and pickles.Lip felt something weird in his stomach, something that felt like jealously, like what he felt when he discovered that he would not be the father of Karen’s baby, and that she had slept with someone else, without the feeling of broken, rejection, and disappointment of not being a father. Sounds like you want to help people.” Lip said back to Nick has he walks, looks at Nick, trying to get Nick to look at him. They both rang their cards through to use a meal swipe.He was not going to let Amanda break all that work, and this amazing thing he had with Nick. “Li,” “No it is Philip, when it comes to you.” “Philip, I am Gay.You have a girlfriend.” Nick waved his hand to Amanda. “I was stupid for thinking…” “No, Nick.” Philip, took a hold of Nick's shoulders, He cannot stand the tears anymore, “She is not my girlfriend, and she really is just a fling.” The First Rule of Dating: Start a Relationship (Just don’t fuck it up) “HEY,” “Sorry Amanda but it is true.” Nick tried to get away from him but he held strong. “You cannot just do that, decide you are bi, just to keep me around.” “I am not, I have had feels for you; since I saw you in class.Nick was someone who liked him, for him not his family, not his background, he was still innocent, and cool in Nick’s eyes.Till one day just before the quarter period, where every class a test, Amanda showed up at the tree has the two were talking about studying for the first exam together.

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