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Despite having a wedding theme in the title, the show often includes sub-plots or main plots revolving around other celebrations - a birthday party, Halloween party, Thanksgiving family reunion, etc.Despite not being limited only to weddings, all the celebrations have 3 things in common - over-the-top events, gypsies and their culture.In 2016 Paddy appeared in this Channel 5 series all about Traveller life from the childrens perspective.

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It focuses on how the politics of Rome and Judea may have influenced Jesus' fate.

A Channel 4 source added: “Gypsy Weddings was so popular.

Wild and wonderful West Virginia is the setting for the blinged-out brouhaha.

When Paddy Met Sally aired at 10pm on Monday 9 and Monday 16 January.

In 2012, Doherty appeared on Celebrity Bainisteoir.

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