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When you do that, your partner has to take up all the slack.

He's just been an angel and been so supportive of this for me and my career and this moment—it's been really nice."Since starting out more than 10 years ago as a super-young, tabloid-magnet couple whom the paparazzi couldn't get enough, they've certainly settled into more of an easy-going, grown-up groove (whom, of course, the paparazzi still can't get enough of).

There, he met Richard Nichols, manager of the Roots, who died in 2014.

“He changed my life,” says Blackstone, who lives in Middletown, Del., with his wife, Kaisha, and their son, Adam Jr.

“God could not have written this any better for my life,” says the 35-year-old bass player and music director, talking on the phone from the airport in Philadelphia.

He’s waiting to board a flight to Minneapolis, where he will lead a 15-piece band during Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII halftime show on Sunday.

I understand that about my peers—about being focused and driven—and if you can find that and someone who shares the same values as you, it's like: Score!

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And while the multitalented pair have tended to trade spotlights, with one focusing on After its release last night, people are still losing it today over the new music video for Timberlake's "Filthy," featuring the artist as a Steve Jobs figure unleashing some game-changing sexy robot action on the world.“He introduced me to people I needed to be introduced to.” movie. Working with Jay-Z, “I met this little funny-faced kid with a pink polo shirt named Kanye West.(He dropped out of UArts in 2003 when he got busy on the road but eventually graduated in 2013. Then a skinny little island girl named Rihanna said, ‘I’m going to be big someday.Aside from the expected excitement over the video, his first since 2016's "Can't Stop the Feeling!," the internet felt it had another reason to pay super-close attention.She wasn't spotted in the video, but super-fans suspect a snippet of Biel's voice is in the track at the end, as heard on streaming 2016, "Nothing specific, but I think we had such a good time working together, and it was in just the right kind of capacity where we weren't on top of each other, in terms of both of us trying to compete with a particular lane."She continued, "I think we would really work very well together, and it was an enjoyable experience. And Biel has hardly had a moment to stop and breathe, either.So it’s very emotional for me to be able to contribute to [the Eagles’] success in any type of way. But now that I’m actually involved in a game that could end up with my team being world champions? ” He started as a drummer, playing at the Old Bethel Baptist Church in Trenton and the Union AME Church in Allentown, N. In second grade, “all the little black boys in Willingboro played drums.The music teacher was like: ‘We need a bass player.’ And I was like, ‘Hell, no! I got to carry this thing home every day from school? In 2000, he moved to Philadelphia to study music at the University of the Arts and started hanging at Black Lily, the Tuesday night jam session at the Five Spot in Old City that also nurtured John Legend and Jill Scott, among others.It's nice to be able to spend a lot of time with your partner in a different way, not just hanging out at home, and not just doing whatever...working together was really inspiring."The inspiration runs both ways. 2—just in time for the man's headlining performance at the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show on Feb. She's nominated for her first Golden Globe this year, Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie for , so Timberlake will be providing the supportive arm on the red carpet on Sunday.Reached on the morning she found out about the nomination (a few hours later, because son Silas was staying with his grandma and Mom luxuriously slept in), Biel admitted she was "a little in shock.""It's one of those things where you always hope you would be lucky enough to be a part of a nominated committee of women or of great projects," she told In this business, the moments can come and go really quickly, so you've got to seize these good ones.

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