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A Retweet or RT is when someone clicks that recycle button and reposts your content on their page.It still comes up as your tweet with nothing changing, aside from a person’s followers being exposed to what you’re saying.

Questions may be either numbered or labeled as Q# or T#. Chats using the Q format generally ask that answers then use A# or quote-tweeting.

A post on these is coming soon, but some of the most important to add are gifs in link, sexual assault, rape, childhood sexual abuse (or CSA), murder, death, suicide, suicidal ideation, and various forms of discrimination (ableism, transmisia , misogyny, etc.).

It’s always good to look at an account’s profile page to learn more.

People are welcome to answer the questions via poll, reply, quote-tweet, or whichever method(s) are easiest for them.

If you’re answering a question with your own words, your answer may be retweeted or quote-tweeted by myself or others in the chat.

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  1. Ces pratiques et ces gestes sont en partie culturels et peuvent faire l'objet – tout comme l'étude des interdits liés à l'amour – d'une approche anthropologique ou sociologique.

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