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But for bosses, Ms Jenkins says navigating the office affair can also be an HR nightmare."In Australia recently we've had a lot of high-profile bullying and sexual harassment cases and a lot of them have arisen out of office romances gone wrong, so it's a very tricky area for employers," she said.

"There's a lot of examples my clients have of very startling sexual harassment incidents in the car park, at the Christmas party, which was really an aggrieved lover trying to rekindle the flame."In the United States it is now standard practice for workers to disclose any intimate relationships with colleagues.

Extra-marital affairs and office romances are now so commonplace there need to be rules - and that goes for bosses as well."People spend more time at work during their waking hours than they do at home," Mr Burgess said. But unfortunately there are still a lot of men in the workplace who see the organisation as their own personal playground."It may be the behaviour of senior executives that will finally force Australian business to take workplace romances more seriously.

And that, Ms Jenkins says, will make life just a little less squeamish for everybody."I think some of the cases that have involved senior people have caused boards to realise that they need to be a bit more actively interested if they've got a senior person who has a reputation for playing around," she said.

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In stark contrast to the United States, most Australian bosses are so mortified at the prospect of having to discuss such intimate details, it is an issue still largely ignored by companies - at their peril."Managers say they don't want to be having this conversation," Ms Jenkins explains."There's a really strong sense that this is people's personal lives and it's got nothing to do with work.

More than half the workforce will have at least one office fling in their working life.

But while many work romances blossom into serious relationships - even marriages - more often than not they end in tears.

Nor am I surprised by the people who want to attack me personally, even though I didn’t conduct the study or write the book; but, that’s online “discourse” for you.

I’m also not surprised that the “non-liberal” media like the Culture and Media Institute and Newsbusters attacked me (but I am upset that they put Dr.

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