Are daniel bryan and brie bella dating

She decided to go along for the ride because she thought her presence could “help in the baby-making department.” She did feel a bit out of place with him, however. Nattie Neidhart-Wilsontold told her that this was great progress, but that she had to deliver when she did it, or it would get axed. On the Wednesday, April 12, episode of Total Divas, several of the ladies were struggling to be the ideal girlfriends and wives. Newly retired Brie Bella was busy traveling with her husband, Daniel Bryan, who had just been made general manager of Smackdown Live. Trinity Takes a Risk Sick of being part of a pair and passed over, Trinity Mc Cray made a pitch for producers to let her try her new glow-in-the-dark entrance.

I think you kind of got to tune in and see what you'll learn. And of course our company is going to be bummed about it. So you know I was really embarrassed and I think too being a woman, that's the last thing you want. If we are going to see the Bellas defending their turf or being mentors to the younger divas: Nikki: Umm both. If the Total Diva storylines are going to cross over to the Bryan/Cena storyline going into Summerslam: Nikki: Umm you know I have actually no idea. Brie and I will have our own war backstage in separate rooms. It's kind of tough because we are characters on WWE and Total Divas is real.

And I think the WWE Universe especially will be like, What?! I think everyone's always seen the superhero, now you're going get to see him as a real person. The state of the Diva's division and if they love being pro wrestlers or entertainers: Brie: We love entertaining but we love being pro wrestlers. But you do think about that and unfortunately I can't be pregnant and wrestle. So you give advice but then you're like ok now don't go trying to take my spot. And what's great about tuning into Total Divas, especially cause I think it's this Sunday that episode airs, is the cameras were still rolling. They have it all on tape and you're gonna see it all on the episode. Nikki: That was one of the worst feelings ever to get. Nikki: Brie and I have our full top hats and veil and our gloves.

And in a relationship so I think the WWE Universe will actually really enjoy seeing that. Like Nikki and I when we left in that 11 months, all we could think about was how much we missed the ring. But when we did leave I'm like you know what I'm nowhere near ready . They have us walking to Gorilla, us getting cut, and walking out of Gorilla. Brie: And I think people at first were like oh was that for the Total Divas show?

I didn't realize how hard it was to find girl B names, but we both came across Birdie and knew that was it!

News: 'The day we found out, I just couldn't stop smiling.

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