Arabs dating jews

Ben-Gurion and Chaim Weizmann focused their attention on increasing the quota of Jews who could enter Palestine; all the while, the Arab revolt continued." This theory that the revolt in fact helped Zionists, is agreed upon only to a certain extent.Because while the revolts helped the Jews gain British support and increase immigration, they still suffered greatly from the Arabs and the violence they inflicted upon their lives."The Jewish National Home is no longer an experiment.This civil war lasted 3 years and resulted in hundreds of dead Jews and Arabs.The response of the British was harsh, they hanged numerous Arab leaders and destroyed houses that they suspected consisted of Arab terrorists or Arms.

During the revolt, the number of Kibbutzim expanded, as the Arabs were unable to resist the Haganah and the Irgun.Here is an example of an interactive map explaining the history of the rule in the area.This map is however limited due to the fact it simplifies the issues and the conflict within the land.ews living in Palestine formed armed defense units led by veterans of the Jewish Legion.They called themselves Haganah, which is Hebrew for “the defense.” The role of the Haganah was to protect Jewish settlements and farming colonies from Arab attacks.It was necessary to ensure this so that oil supplies from the Middle East would continue to reach Britain."The Mac Donald White Paper stated that in the view of the British Government, the obligation of creating a national Jewish homeland in Palestine had been met.By 1939, 306,049 Jews had immigrated into Palestine.During April 1936 widespread fighting broke out as Jewish settlement were attacked by armed Arab bands.After only one month, 20 Jews were killed in the fighting.For Zionists, Arab violence and resistance as chief concerns had been replaced by the advance of anti-Semitism in eastern Europe.With Jews fleeing Eastern Europe and the United States tightening its quotas on Jewish immigration, Palestine became a safe haven.

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