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In June he explained how he had been getting on with life but the usually open Gerry said that the joint statement he made with his wife would be the only comment he would make on his separation. I'm not the first guy to be separated in marriage," he said."I read a lot of commentary in the newspapers about that but it's all speculation, American pop psychology.He asked why teach them maths, when their futures were as servants?Hendrik Verwoerd was assassinated in parliament in 1966, but he left a legacy that still has huge repercussions.However, one of their first meetings was broadcast on the national airwaves.

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The pair it's reported have been extraordinarily good at keeping their relationship out of the public eye.Having fought the apartheid regime, she moved here in 2001 to take up a role as an ambassador.During her time in the job, trade from South Africa to Ireland increased by 60pc.Last year, she has been appointed executive director of Unicef Ireland, where she will be at the helm for at least another two years.She has two children from her former marriage to Wilhelm Verwoerd.What happened is a very private thing, we made a statement about our marriage, and that is it." Gerry admits that the public who ring his show to pour their hearts out need to know something about him."I cannot expect people to tell me about their lives unless they know something about my life," he told the RTE Guide.The couple, who have since split up, have two children, Wilme (18) and Wian (14).Since the break-up of Gerry's marriage, the father of five has only spoken a handful of times about the experience.The 41-year-old grew up in Pretoria, South Africa, during the 1970s.Her political career bucked the male status quo and she turned her back on her Afrikaans roots to join the ANC.

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