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She was not married at the time but did have a live in boyfriend.

She therefore, felt that there was nothing wrong with her actions.

On a “chat room” you can talk freely and say things you would not say to anyone in person as it would be embarrassing.

You know that the chances of ever breaking bread with that person face to face would probably never happen.

The partner had recently discovered how to use a computer and at the same time discovered something called a “chat room”.

I can talk about her now and not embarrass her as she has gone on to her maker.

When it comes to “Facebook” you are talking to a number of your friends that you see in person from time to time.

Therefore, your contribution to this form of social media is usually a bunch of drivel.

People were not afraid to express their feelings and emotions in the most salient and somewhat risqué language.In my Accounting practice, clients constantly discuss personal matters with me that they would not discuss with a close friend and relative.Because of this during this period I was privy to a number of very salty discussions about my clients experiences using this form of social media.I personally prefer to discuss drivel over the telephone rather than “Facebook”.You may say that Twitter is a modern form of the “chat room”. However, there is something missing from “tweeting” that was there in the “chat room” Not that I miss it.Every so often you would hear stories about husbands or wives staying up to all hours of the night while their spouse lay in bed snoring away, conducting an illicit love affair over the internet with a stranger.When caught they would justify their action by saying I have never met that person nor do I ever intend to.Please forgive me Lord for talking about the deceased that way!I believe that online “chat rooms” are still around, but they are not as popular as they were back then.It is just an attraction to fill in some of the dull moments in my life.I even heard of individuals hooking up with old girlfriends to chat and discuss about old times without their spouses knowledge of what they were doing.

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