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It is well known that 15 of the 19 Al Qaeda-inspired 9/11 hijackers were Saudi citizens.

Here is what the UK embassy in Riyadh says in its information pack for British prisoners in the desert kingdom: ‘The Saudi courts impose a number of severe physical punishments.This is the same broadcasting combination which caused a storm of international controversy when, nearly 36 years ago, it screened Death Of A Princess, the story of a Saudi princess and her lover who were executed for adultery.In the resulting furore, the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia was expelled and trade contracts were broken off.The film even shows how the fearsome Saudi police — who fire bullets at unarmed protesters and activists simply for expressing an opinion contrary to the state’s — are trained by the British Government’s College of Policing.Some might argue that this domestic brutality is a matter for Saudi Arabia alone.The documentary is based on six months of undercover filming and its footage of beatings and beheadings is disturbing enough.But it also exposes the extremes of wealth and poverty in this oil-rich country.The film was condemned by the Foreign Office because it offended Saudi rulers, and it has never been reshown on British television.Already, similar pressure is being brought to bear over this new documentary.The Saudi government has always denied that it has any connection either with Islamic State or with Al Qaeda.Nevertheless, both jihadist organisations endorse the state religion which Saudi Arabia has spent an estimated billion (£48 billion) exporting around the world.

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