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Due to the remoteness of the region and the lack of tourist infrastructure, today's activities will come as a surprise to all of us, including the leader!

You may go for a hike in the surrounding mountains, walking through wide valleys, ascending to mountain passes and trekking though thick forest, or you might simply hang out in the village with the locals.

Located on Southeastern Europe's Balkan Peninsula, Albania shares a border with Greece and is only a short ferry ride from Italy.

"Castles, Adriatic coastline, and the Albanian Alps can be found in this under-the-radar country fit for budget travelers." Accommodations: Travelers will only need to shell out about per night for a three-star hotel.

Take an early morning transfer to Lake Koman (approximately 1.5 hours), where you'll board the ferry for the daily run through a series of connected reservoirs between Koman and Fierza, in the remote north eastern corner of the country (approximately 3 hours).

We'll be happy to book additional accommodation for you (subject to availability).

Closed under communist rule, the mosque resumed as a place of worship in 1991 and is seen as a monument to religious freedom in the country.

Take a look at the frescoes outside and in the portico that depict trees, waterfalls and bridges – motifs rarely seen in Islamic art.

Upon arrival head out on a short orientation walk along the Pjaca, which is the main pedestrianized street, lined with 19th-century architecture and dominated by Ebu Beker Mosque.

Later in the afternoon, why not head north of the city to visit the Venetian era Rozafa Castle, set high on a mountain with panoramic views of a lake and the Albanian countryside, before heading back to your hotel in the evening for dinner.

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