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I first contacted this girl in September, 2001 through, where she is under the user name of Natasha1164 who said she is from Kiev, Ukraine. She(it) very much to not want to leave, as it(she) had to leave on time the husband and daughter. But this trip was very important for it(her) and for university and it(she) had to go.

If you would like all the eamils, I can provide those to you, too, if you require them. They have saved me from other scammers in the past. She(it) to leave there 3 weeks back and to return only yesterday. She(it) is simple charm and I to love her(it) as the daughter.

The first red flag was that the email from this "Medved Travel" was one of those free email accounts anyone can set up, which seemed a bit strange to me. I did a web search on "Tatyana Aytova" and found your website.

I got on the internet and tried finding info about this company and found absolutely nothing. It is the very large country, which to have was a lot of an opportunity, but as I to think, she(it) to not open yet all potential. There was another "Tatyana Aytova" posted with some of the same pictures that I had received.

Since my suspicions had been aroused from the "pink" flags I mentioned above, I decided to check this agency out so I wrote an email to Medved requesting further information. She(they) claimed to have an aunt that worked at the airport(same claim made by other postings on this website).

I to not speak you, that is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, the man is simply necessary to know so that to be completely sure in it(him).I did, however, find out that the phone number given to me was a MOBILE phone number ! Each letter was more serious then the last in less than 2 weeks. It's clear that my letters were written by the same person who wrote many other letters on this blacklist! To me very much to like your structure on it a site and I to decide to write you. I search for the person with which I could To conduct all life. I to want, that we it is good to know each other and to understand completely. In Russia is all for good life: resources, there is a lot of ground, the clever people, but now there is a transitive period. The differences were her location in Russia and her email address.Red flag #2 - no company would give a mobile phone number as a contact phone! Her letters were 2-3 days apart until I mentioned her coming to the USA, then I got a 12 hour response. I guess those poor Russians got to make a buck somehow boys! You probably already notice what to use the interpreter when to write to you. The people here trust, that all will be speed well, but for the present it is not known how many still to wait. Here are the specifics on the Tatyana that I sent money to: Tatyana Aytova Saratov Russia [email protected](Tatyana) I can't remember the street address that she sent me, but it is likely not real anyway.I wrote back and asked her for information on travel agency. They then claimed that they only had and needed 0 more. They claimed that the Visa would take two weeks, so we continued to exchange messages with pictures.She replied my giving me the email and a phone number of Medved. Then she(they) went to Moscow to get the airline ticket."Pink" flags: 1) She mentioned she had a friend that works at a travel agency 2) Claims to use an internet cafe but her email headers show she uses a dial up modem connection and uses Outlook Express as a mail client. To me to like simplly good modern music, which one to raise mood. I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, that I shall think of you each minute. I am glad that I ran across your site before I got more involved more than I am.3) Mentioned that she was born and raised in Kiev, but her mom died of cancer from the Chernobyl accident All the above mentioned "pink" flags were over the course of emails during 3 months and each could have a very plausible explanation, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, though they were enough to save me my money in the end. I was just getting ready to start spending the cash until now.I wrote one last email to Natasha playing stupid in which I said I was having trouble getting a reply from Medved and would she please call them, to see her reaction. And most importantly, ALWAYS follow you gut instinct! As to know language and culture other country it is very important. I to want to tell you, that acquaintance through the Internet this new to me. They to not know, that such the market, market attitudes(relations) and business. In our library each day to come it is a lot of children. I to explain them what book by him(it) it is better to take to study only on an excellent(different) estimation. Everywhere to require(demand) the experience it is not less 5 years and young experts very difficultly to find work. I to not pity(regret) about it, but I always to dream be the builder and to work in building organization. The library is far from our house and I to go before work on the bus. You not strongly to get tired when to read my letter? I to hope, that you to understand, that I to write to you. It was very interesting to me to read it(him) and I to learn(find out) a lot of new about you. I for the present to not know its(her) reacting to all this. Once again, thanks very much for your website, it likely saved me a lot of money!!!!!! I have been looking for a bride in former soviet countries for almost 2 years.If it smells even the least bit fishy, it probably is! is the same as the others: She contacted me on 11/30/01. You do not think, that I so to divide(share) the people and to speak so, but it is the Russian reality. Now I very much to get tired and I shall write about itself more in the following letter. I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn(find out) about me. I am not so good to perceive your units of measurement. I have been taking my time because of all the strange people that I have run into on the dating sites.After 3 months of correspondence we began discussing the idea of meeting. It is very convenient for me, because it is charge-free. In free from activity time I to like to conduct time with the friends. Here is some more recent pictures of Oxana Curdiucova, email [email protected] said that it didn't matter if I came to Kiev or she came to Barcelona where I live. I hope this helps others You do have to say that she is very beautiful though. I'm glad that I ran onto your website before I sent any more money to Russia. I posted my profile up on back in early October 2001 and immediately began receiving email from "[email protected](Tatyana)".

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