Accomodating learners updating scott 299 amplifier

It may also help to announce that you expect quiet when you lecture and when students speak. If the room has extremely high echo levels, you can contact the Associate Provost for Classroom Management and Academic Support (924-6313) to request a room change (carpeted rooms have lower echo levels than do rooms with hardwood floors).

Beyond differentiation of reading and task demands, these students may need targeted instructional attention to assure success.Consider providing these to the interpreter before class.Outline clearly your main ideas on handouts, overheads, or blackboard. Many hearing-impaired students rely on hearing aids, which magnify allsound, including background noise.Avoid having students face the light source (Blair 81). ” or “Ask her if she has the paper today.” Say instead, “Do you have the paper today?If the student uses a sign language interpreter, do not walk in front of the interpreter while speaking. ”) Don’t praise the interpreter’s skill unless you are competent to judge this.Be patient about the need to repeat yourself sometimes.You can arrange moveable chairs to facilitate the student’s ability to understand you.If you tend to speak quickly, try to moderate your speed, and slow down when explaining important ideas and facts.Speak naturally, and don’t over-enunciate or shout.A few students speaking in the background can thus make your lecture or comments very difficult to hear.Watch for such whispered conversations and stop them.

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