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Bigest problem i had was at the beach with friends,or at a pool party,she would always brag about my penis to her friends,and i would always be stared at,as mine doesnt shrink,it gets softer,but the lenghth and most of the girth still for her,but for me i wish i had a normal 6incher,thank god i,m not with her anymore,and my swimming is done at nude beaches where no one cares Really, this answer wil differ from person to person. We are all different sizes, shapes, and colors and possess numerous personal preferences in the bedroom and out.If anybody tries to force their belief or preference onto you as truth, tell them to ease up and you will make up your mind when it's made up.Right now popular belief in modern western society (America) is that a huge penis provides a huge advantage over other men who are less endowed.This alone added with other cultural pressures can add a form of anxiety, that almost always, is projected outward and interpreted by those nearby as a "Napoleon Complex," or as I call it "Little****Syndrome." I say this as a joke or a metaphor not as complete truth.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.i think you can.. you never hear her watting to leave him because of his large penis.if you are with the man long term I think it stretches u so then a smaller/average guy just doesn't give you that full up feeling... I have actually had a couple of women leave me because they said I had to large of a penis.

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The sad thing is that these same people will go on living there entire life according to the thoughts and ideas of others instead of making up their own mind and standing by their decision.There are many, many females that are terribly uncomfortable with a big****in them.As far as the Napoleon Complex issue go's, thats because A MAN (of all things) has such a major self-esteem issue, regarding****size or their body height, that it overflows into everyones lives as well. If you satisfy your woman all around even with a average to small****then you truly know this is a myth.The bottom line is a woman truly loves you and is attracted to you, if you have any control at all you can get them off.Now those of us that just bust a nut then roll over and sleep without any consideration for the woman then****size is not th e biggest issue there.I myself am not blessed with a huge**** I'm average in all ways.I'm 6 foot 185 lbs with a normal 6 and half inch ding dong.I have never once had a bad relationship due to my penis size.I put in plenty of work and earned my respect in the bedroom. Some will say Tim how would you even have known if they did or not? Better yet, I eat **** better than any one else I know.I'm talking many different races of women too from black, white, asian, latino to mixed ladies as well. It's a matter and combination of endurance, love, physical capability, popular belief, trends, tribal knowledge, attraction, word of mouth, experimentation, and personal preference that can make up ones mind in this personal subject.There are those that actually need a big****to get off and those that don't.

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